We are Little City Growers.

Red Planet Vegetables, Johnston, RI

Matthew Tracy and Catherine Mardosa started Red Planet Vegetables in the spring of 2004, growing intensively and year round on small plots in Olneyville and on the west side of Providence. They moved onto the historic Mathewson Farm in Johnston in 2008, where they now have a 2.5 acre garden and a movable henhouse for 40 odd chickens. As founding members of the Little City Growers Cooperative, they share their skills and experience with beginning farmers and support our lively community of growers, chefs and food lovers.

City Farm, Providence, RI

City Farm is a ¾-acre urban farm in the heart of Providence’s Southside.  Since 1981 this sustainable, hyper-local, bio-intensive farm has been producing a beautiful and abundant array of produce for farmers markets and restaurants.  City Farm is a program of the Southside Community Land Trust, a founding member of the Little City Growers Co-op, and is a resource for other urban growers.

Scratch Farm, Cranston, RI

Scratch Farm is a small-scale vegetable, berry, flower and culinary herb farm located 9 miles west of Providence, in Cranston, at Urban Edge Farm. We do not use any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. We hope to grow as much food as possible on 2 acres while simultaneously taking care of the soil, ourselves, our customers, and our friends. We sell primarily through our CSA, but we love working with Little City.

Sidewalk Ends Farm, Providence, RI

Sidewalk Ends Farm was founded in 2011 on a 5000 square foot formerly vacant lot in the Armory Park neighborhood of Providence. In the 2014 season, the farm expanded onto 2 acres of beautiful open land in Seekonk, MA. Our four woman team works both sites to produce chemical-free vegetables which we sell through Little City, at the Armory Farmers Market, and to our neighbors through a CSA program.

Florence and Manton Farm, Providence, RI

Just up the hill from Atlantic Mills in Olneyville, Florence & Manton Farm was sifted from the rubble by Adam Graffunder in 2011. The farm is on the south side of Mount Pleasant hill, built on a sandy fill. Instead of artificial chemical amendments, herbicides and pesticides, Adam uses only natural compost and mineral soil amendments to build soil habitat and fertility. Adam transports tools, produce, and compost to and from Florence & Manton Farm by bicycle. Bicycle transport makes possible the net positive impact the farm has on the environment and community at many scales and also makes profit possible for a farm of this size (about a tenth of an acre). Adam grows heat-loving fruits like eggplant and peppers to soak up the southern sun, low-maintenance crops like cooking greens, and a diverse assortment of vegetables, leaves, herbs, flowers and roots.


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